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Tommy's Testimonials

In order to preserve confidentiality details are withheld.

There were two gentlemen, the first was when I was on my holidays. I was in a sauna on my own. I was very happy. A gentleman walks in and instantly I had an excruciating pain in my head, particularly at the back of my head. Also I started to feel equally bad pain in my lower back. I said to my guidance, ‘I am on holidays lads'. Instantly the word opportunity came to me. It is difficult to approach these matters between two straight men in briefs in a sauna. Anyway I did approach the matter, it turned out that the gentleman had severe lower back pain which meant that he hadn't worked for seven years in his profession. He also had severe headaches for as many years needless to say unless I could somehow remove it from him as soon as possible, my holiday and my sauna were going to be uncomfortable to say the least. I may need to say that when I pick up physical, emotional and mental pain, it basically becomes my pain as well until it is cleared through me. Try imagining two men in a dressing room in swimming briefs strangers to each other and one giving a healing to the other. A lot of thoughts were going through this man's head. The upside of this was no headache, no back pain, holiday enjoyed for both men.

From this encounter I met another gentleman with severe back pain and again out of work for many years. This case took longer for some reason but in a relatively short space of time the gentleman was able to return to work.

In the very early years before I came into this work fully there was a young woman around twenty two /four. She was a daughter of a friend she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and after just a number of healings she was totally free of pain. And to my knowledge it has never reoccurred. Luckily in her case there was no disfigurement. Unlike another case of a lady who was diagnosed with the same illness, and had quite a lot of disfigurement. She was diagnosed by two professors / consultants and was in severe pain. The outlook was that she would be wheelchair bound within a year. Although the disfigurement remained the pain completely left her and again has not returned.

I visited a male friend who is in this work. A man whom I admire and respect an awful lot. I walked in on him in his office, while he was on the telephone to a lady he knew in another part of the country. This friend said to the lady laughing ‘I have the right man here for the job'. He hands the phone receiver to me. As I picked up the phone you could have hit me with a sledge hammer. This lady had migraine for years. I started to visualise her and could see where the blockages were. Then I started an absent healing. There was a little bit left on my right side and I mentioned this to her, she confirmed this to be so. I then removed that. I didn't take another phone receiver as quickly from this friend again. I am sure you can see humorous side of this. Many people say wouldn't it be great to be able to see and experience these types of things. Think again about that and what it really means.

Wasn't it Thomas in the Bible who wanted proof of Jesus' Ascension by putting his fingers in the wounds? I didn't want to be told either, who or what god is. It is funny I have the same name isn't it. I was always a doubting Thomas myself.

I want to point out here that I am a channel or instrument only. The spiritual energy comes through me. How? And why? is up for debate. I am at peace with it. There are many stories, good ones and sometimes not so good ones, sometimes transformations and transmutations are instant and most times it is a process. I'd really need to write a book maybe two on this subject matter alone.

An example I often come across is individuals who come to me having relationship problems or martial breakdown. They often have reached a point where separation or break up is imminent. Often one or both individuals have no sex drive and a lot more besides. I work with the individual or couple and the relationship completely transforms after dealing with the root causes and other issues. New energy had transformed the whole relationship, their sexuality often returns with new vigour and a lot more besides. The down side is that the relationship may have run its course and individuals can then choose to move on.

A twenty six year old man sits in front of me in my counselling room, and my guidance was ‘You have only one chance with this person', meaning he was on the verge of carrying out a suicide. It was very intense from guidance. I said to him ‘I can not and will not help you' and I proceeded to explain to him why. He was a heroin addict an alcoholic and was prostituting himself. He had just shot up with heroin and taken drink prior to our session. I told him through guidance that he was wasting his time and money, as well as my time. With this the young man broke down like a child and cried uncontrollably for what seemed like the full session. I was there to comfort him. It was very humbling to experience to this love. He proceeded to talk about the death of his father during his early teens. He was the eldest in the family with younger siblings. He was then the man in the house. His mother was distraught and was unable to manage. The responsibility was left to him. My heart was breaking and I felt a very strong connection to him. I gave him a number of things to do one of them being to attend the open healing clinics. I left for my next session thinking that was the last time I would see him. I had been on a weeks break and came back to find the young man there. The transformation in that short space of time was overwhelming and humbling. I cried in my room. He went on to make a full recovery and returned to his occupation as an engineer.

A young lady from the north came to me with a condition known as M.E. After a number of sessions she was relieved of the symptoms. The upside of this story is that on a visit to me she brought someone to see me who was going into hospital for a second treble bypass in a week or so. He was standing in my counselling room. He started to vibrate which is common enough. Gently at first he started to jump with both feet off the ground. As the session continued the jumping got bigger. Just imagine this scene for a moment. Trust me I felt panicked and felt like I needed an ambulance. This man was in his sixties. My guidance said ‘Don't worry everything under control'. ‘Yeah right' were my thoughts on the matter. Thank God, it finally stopped and naturally I was interested to see how he felt. He said I feel twenty years younger. I don't know whether he went for his bypass operation or even needed to. But I guess since he didn't return everything was alright. This happens often when the symptoms go we tend to forget we had the problem.

I find my guidance has a great sense of humour but they also are at times very direct.

I am never in full control of the outcomes.

Thank You and Bless You.


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