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My story

In my early teens, I felt that there was something radically wrong. Later I was diagnosed as suffering from suicidal depression, among other things. By my early to mid twenties suicide seemed like the only option. I was hospitalised a number of times and was on heavy medication for many years. Also at that time I had started to drink because I was so down and did not see a way out. During my twenties I worked in a number of professions. Then I married and had two children. I had started my own brokerage business and to the outside world I was very successful. It seemed that I had everything and yet I was so unhappy. There was something missing and I knew that unless I found out what it was I would not be long on this physical plane. There are no words to describe the depth of pain and hopelessness I was experiencing.

Although I was brought up a Catholic and my family weren't overly religious I was drawn to prayer and meditation. One of my first experiences during meditation was a spiritual one a lot of solutions to my problems began to become clear. I started psychotherapy to look for answers. I tried many techniques and therapies. Slowly I began to see a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

I did some training and courses in counselling and healing. I felt an inherent need and draw to study and work in Transpersonal Counselling and Healing. I also did a lot of research into the aura and studied the different techniques that affect the aura and chakras in a positive and profound way. In my thirties I started the Hands of Light Healing Institute and relinquished my brokerage business. There had been many times when I regretted giving up my business, mainly because the remuneration was not the same. Thankfully I trusted my guidance. Because it was here that I was most at peace.

In those early years not only did I have my own issues but I was also picking up other people's emotional, physical and mental issues. This gave me a clearer understanding of why things had been so difficult for me. I did not realise that I was incredibly sensitive to others and the environments I was in. I didn't at that time appreciate fully that a lot of my work in Transpersonal Counselling and Healing was not only teaching but it was also showing me a more meaningful way of life. The feedback from many, many people about physical relief emotional relief relationships that were seemingly over and much, much more was overwhelming.

I realised I could help other's by trusting my guidance in seeing auras, being clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. All the confusion and thoughts of what was wrong with me had gone. I was finally where I was meant to be. I have worked with individuals and groups for twenty-five years as a transpersonal counsellor and healer. I have found through my own experience and through working with others that the physical manifestation of illness is the symptom only, not the source or the root cause. When dealing with the root cause the symptoms can disappear or go into remission. As such this work can be preventive as well as curative. Not only are physical illnesses changed but emotional issues such as behavioural and thought patterns can completely change for the better. We are victims but it is largely self-inflicted so we are victims of our own distortion, mostly of our own distortion.

In getting some of the answers that I was deeply searching for, and to a lesser extent am still today, there has been many occasions when I have asked, why me? The simple answer to that question is ‘I don't know'. In saying that I do have opinions but they are only opinions. And although my life today is considerably happier I have had many trials and tribulations, as we all do. I have grown stronger from them. My desire and my passion is to pass some of my experience onto others. I would like to thank my helpers, my guides and many people along the way for without them I would not be still here. I would like to thank divine will, divine love/God for all the help I received.

During that dark period in my early twenties, I met a lady from America who was a healer and could see auras. She told me a lot about myself, things she could not have known. She told me what I would be doing in the future. To be honest at that time I didn't really care, I wasn't particularly interested. I just wanted to get well. But yet here I am experiencing the very things that she told me I would. Looking back I see that I was experiencing those things then, I just didn't trust it. How it all really works I don't know but I do trust now what I see and it just works.


Thomas Jordan

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