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Thomas Jordan's Transpersonal Counselling Institute

Transpersonal Counselling is a form of counselling that combines orthodox types of counselling such as psychology, psychotherapy and others with the metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric and mystical inherent aspects of human beings. It facilitates clients gaining full self-awareness through spiritual experience. Transpersonal Counselling is most effective when it is experiential, put simply it is the integration of the mind, body and spirit. These courses are designed for people who want change in their lives, self-development, career changes, and any issues that can cause difficulties in life. They are also designed for those who want to be trained and get qualifications and affiliation in Transpersonal Counselling.

Transpersonal Counsellor

Director of Thomas Jordan's Transpersonal Counselling Institute

Transpersonal Teacher - Coordinator and Trainer with qualification for A.I.W.P.

Liaison and Training for the World Federation of Healing

Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Reiki Master

My Story:

In my early teens, I felt that there was something radically wrong. Later I was diagnosed as suffering from suicidal depression, among other things. By my early to mid twenties suicide seemed like the only option. I was hospitalised a number of times and was on heavy medication for many years. Also at that time I had started to drink because I was so down and did not see a way out. During my twenties I worked in a number of professions. Then I married and had two children. I had started my own brokerage business and to the outside world I was very successful. It seemed that I had everything and yet I was so unhappy. There was something missing and I knew that unless I found out what it was I would not be long on this physical plane. There are no words to describe the depth of pain and hopelessness I was experiencing....click here to continue


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