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It is has been said often by Buddishts and religious people that prayer is talking to God / Love, tapping in to that energy. It is said that meditation is listening to Love / God and your inner guidance. It is one of the most frequently asked questions in my line of work, 'what is meditation?' and 'how do I meditate?'. There are many different forms of meditation, for now we will be outlining just one here. Some are visualisation techniques, some are deep hypnotic relaxation tecchniques and some are mantra techniques.
Science has already proven that Transcendental Meditation (TM) lowers stress levels and heart rates among other things. Meditation moves and energises the energy in the spiritual centres (chakra points) in your body. Eastern cultures have known these techniques for thousands of years, it is only recently in the West that we are beginning to see how important these techniques are and the enormous benefits of them. We are still very ignorant as to how important this particular technique is. It is important that we acknowledge this.


This mantra is Aramaic, a language used in Jesus' time two thousand years ago. It means simply 'Come Lord Jesus Come'. It is not that one should focus on the religious connotation of these words, to do so is not constructive. One should simply and rhymthically repeat the mantra in their mind for twenty minutes twice a day. Preferably meditate at the same time each day.
These words have a vibration, all sound has a vibration and this particular vibration attracts pure Love like a magnet. Also, this vibration helps to balance anything within us that is not of love. It is a technique that I have used for many years.
Meditation is a process and one will experience many things while in meditation. Exploring the unknown and not having any expectations sounds easy doesn't it! Still it is what is aimed for. Medical Science is pulverising gallstones with sound/vibration and exploring new and wonderful things that have yet to come. Meditaton can be seen as a process of harmonising your mind, body, spirit and soul with Mother Earth and Divine Love. There are plenty of good books written on this subject, two that I have loved the most are 'Cloud of Unknowing' author unknown and 'Silent Music' by William Johnson. I have had many many spiritual experiences and felt love so pure while meditating.
Meditation in the context of the Institute's courses represents a primary technique for acquiring the balance necessary to get the best from the courses. Mediations used properly and in conjunction with the rest of the Course, will bring about perception at a level not previously experienced.

The idea that mediation is a method of quieting the mind and physiology is accepted within the medical profession. A more relaxed and harmonious state allows for easier and clearer perception. There is no danger involved in the gentle meditations which are outlined.

During meditation it is not unusual for thoughts to come into your mind. Simply allow them to fade as you repeat your mantra. Do not try to force the thoughts out of your mind. You may feel that the mediation has not been successful if thoughts continually interfere, but simply persist and remember that if thoughts are coming and going, they represent the releasing of concerns and in themselves represent progress.


Sit with your back straight and your eyes closed, either in a Lotus half position, or if you are using a chair, with both feet on the ground and your hands on your knees. It is best to do mediations with your shoes off.

The meditation should begin with a stilling exercise known as 'The Bell' visualisation. Imagine a large translucent bell over your head and take a deep breath while imagining that the bell moves down to cover you on each 'in' breath.
Repeat 15 times.

Then you are ready to continue to breathe gently while repeating the mantra. This is 'Maranatha', it should be stated as


You should always continue repeating the mantra for 20 minutes. When you finish a mediation you should always allow yourself at least a minute before opening your eyes gently.

by Tommy Jordan

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