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Generally healing courses teach the different techniques on how to heal and leave it at that. We at Thomas Jordan's Transpersonal Counselling Institute believe it is vital to share our development and interact as we learn these techniques. We believe that the more open mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually you become, the more you will be able to channel healing energy. The two aspects of self-development and healing work hand in hand.

Duration 12 weeks with 1 weekend workshop

The purpose of the Intermediate Course is to bring about a greater balance in your life through increasing your perception of your spiritual being. The methods used are primarily experiential and the course concentrates on the human energy field which surrounds the body and is known as the "AURA". Also attention is focused on the seven main energy centres known as the "CHAKRAS ".This is the first step in the process of opening up your awareness to the great spiritual power within you

Course contents:

  • the human energy field

  • introduction to the seven chakras or main energy points

  • healing through energy transfer

  • aura cleansing

  • aura perception

  • group discussions

  • meditation techniques

  • visualizations

  • learning how to tune into one another

  • exercises to develop our hidden gifts

  • written exercises and essays

Each individual is there to support one another and you will find during the course that each of you has much to offer to each other and also to those with whom you deal with in your everyday life. If you follow this course correctly you should begin to feel a more harmonious sense of being. It will also improve intimate relations by increasing your ability to trust through the letting go and facing fear exercises. You will improve your creative abilities and interpersonal relationships by unleashing positive energies and gifts that lie dormant in you, especially after you have identified your potential. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life from university lecturers to the unwaged. As the course is primarily experiential there are no academic barriers. NOTE: There is a weekend workshop near the end of the course. This weekend is an essential part of the course.

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