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The Facilitators Training Program is a very exciting project for the Institute and the potential trainee. This program will suit both the student who wishes to acquire the required hours for the Transpersonal Counselling Course and also for the individual who wishes to continue their own self-development and healing. It is very experiential in content and thus offers many avenues of self-discovery, growth and options for further advancement within the healing and counselling fields. The rewards will be greater spiritual growth and awakened insights regarding the individual’s own goals and self-development. This course if undertaken for the right reasons can develop within an individual deeper qualities of unconditional love and abundance. The real and hands-on experience a trainee facilitator will receive while participating on this program can not be underestimated. Getting a qualification is one thing, having the experience and skill and confidence behind that qualification is quite another.

Course Outline

  • Monitoring

Each facilitator will sponsor clients during each course. They will monitor the client thus:

a) Case Assessment

b) Attendance at classes and weekends

  • Written Accounts

A journal must be kept by each trainee facilitator about the emotions and feelings that arise for them during the program. This is a vital part of the program as an individual must be self-aware in order to help others to become self-aware. Openness and integrity in a counselling environment/group such as this is very important.

  • Interaction / Awareness of the Client’s Needs

It is essential that the trainee facilitator be aware at all times of their motivation and intention when interacting with clients.

  • Boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of the Facilitator Training Program.

  • Teamwork and Support

Tasks are given to trainee facilitators on the nights and weekends such as leading visualizations. There will be at least two/three one-day workshops (per course) as part of this program that each facilitator must attend. Also, there will be a fortnightly support group set up which is also part of the program. This program is designed to support each individual during this intensive training. It may be required that trainee facilitators attend additional open workshops.


The Facilitator Program trainees will be assessed on a continuous basis. Each trainee facilitator will be monitored individually and assessed by the Director. Assessment will be extensive, for instance, written reports on the progress of facilitators will be submitted by co-facilitators and the individuals themselves. Also written feedback will be obtained from the clients. It is the Institutes intention to give a fair and objective overall assessment to each trainee facilitator.

A trainee facilitator can reach a certain level of competence before completing the required hours for the Transpersonal Counselling Course. They will be informed as such by the Director if that should be the case. The Director of the Institute has sole discretion in regard to the trainee facilitator fulfilling the requirements laid out for the course.

Benefits and Accreditation

  • Leadership qualities

    Training in Sacred Body Breathwork

  • Training in Inner Child Workshops

  • Skills in running meditations, visualisations, healing circles, spiritual healing etc.

  • Development of Counselling techniques

  • Dealing with clients in a real life situations eg. when angry, in grief etc


  • A wealth of experience in healing — directly with own accelerated process and witnessing others also.

  • Membership & Accreditation to Thomas Jordan’s Transpersonal Counselling Institute of Ireland (including Insurance).

  • Network system throughout the country via website and contacts.

  • A part of a poo1 of therapists within the Institute in Dublin and around the country.

  • Membership & Affiliation to the World Federation of Healing.

  • Affiliation to the A.I.W.P. – Diploma given by the University of Louisiana (Transpersonal Counselling Course).

A trainee facilitator using this Program to gain counselling hours as part of the Transpersonal Counselling Course will be required to complete fully at least two Intermediate Courses and two Advanced Stage 1’s and one Advanced Stage 2 courses. This amount of facilitation totals 503 hours. The facilitating can be done in sequence or at different periods. The Director of the Institute has sole responsibility in assessing the development of the trainee facilitator and their readiness to have qualification for unsupervised counselling.




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