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OVERVIEW of Transpersonal Counselling Degree

In order to participate on the Transpersonal Counselling Degree Course students have commonly completed the three other courses, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2, and facilitated on a number of courses. However this is not mandatory as all participants are at different stages and levels of their development. The student's level of development is assessed by the Director in a private assessment prior to the course. The Transpersonal Counselling Degree course is divided into four distinct courses/modules. Each course/module stands alone to facilitate the needs of each student. This means, for example, that a person can do the Intermediate course with no obligations to do the rest of the courses. To clarify, from my own experience I have met people who have done many courses in self-development but may not to be ready for the objectivity, impartiality and intuition required to be a professional transpersonal counsellor. To a student who has completed self-development courses and reached a sufficent level, the Transpersonal Counselling Degree Course is available at 36 weeks and 5 weekend workshops.

Transpersonal Counselling facilitates the release of symptoms of disease dis-ease. Emotional and physical disease like depression, fears, addictions, physical symptoms and unhappiness are a result of repressed and suppressed experiences either in this life and/or previous lifetimes. The feelings and the physical ailments attached to these experiences like hurt, anger, shame and loneliness need to be released and healed through self/divine love. Letting go of judgement and allowing the process of forgiveness of self enables us in humility to more easily forgive others without condoning negative behaviour. We look at negative emotions such as anger, hate and loneliness as something we must get rid of and view them as bad. All emotions and feelings are positive but are used destructively towards ourselves and others. By healing deep repressed unconscious patterns we respond constructively and positively to ourselves and the world. Transpersonal Counselling is unique because it utilises mind, body and spirit. When we are fearful we don't feel safe or happy but when we feel loved we are free. This course not only allows the participant to gain accreditation in Transpersonal Counselling with the Institute but also it is open to those who wish only to continue their self-development. The reason for this is that we believe and know from experience that real inner security and confidence and peace comes from the hands on experience. This course provides each participant with opportunities to develop self awareness, leadership qualities, organizational skills, humility, integrity and trustworthiness through experience. The purpose of this course is to empower people and also to give them the necessary skills to practise Transpersonal Counselling. It is prospective that each participant would obtain full confidence in working with individuals and groups either in counseling or in their own field of work.

While potential participants are preferred to have experience in running group workshops and facilitating, experience can be gained during the term of the course, particularly in the areas of Sacred Body Breath, Inner Child, Meditations, Guided Visualisations and Practical Healing. Participants should continue their training and self-development as training should never end, experiences enable a counselor to be of most benefit to their client and to themselves. Participants are thus expected to avail of ongoing individual supervision during the course and three years after qualification.

Ongoing workshops for self-development or training may be required.

You may be privileged to experience other people developing in their own right and through that you can learn to have a deeper understanding of yourself. Remember always that it is a privilege and that a person’s boundaries and confidences should be respected above all else.

Accreditation is awarded when all criteria is accomplished and is at the discretion of the Director of the Institute.

Duration: 36 weeks with 5 weekend workshops.

The hours for weekly classes will be 7.30pm to 10pm. While the weekend workshops will be Saturday and Sunday 11.00pm to 5.00pm.

Course contents

  • Meditations and Mantras

  • Past-Life Regression

  • Advanced study of Aura-Perceiving / Exercises

  • Cutting Ties

  • Counselling Skills - to be practised each night **

  • Code of Ethics and Professionalism

  • Boundaries

  • Universal Laws & Principles

  • Balancing the Four Body System -Clearing negative Ego Patterns, Core Fear Removal Matrix

  • Activating the Light Body, Building the Light Quotient, 12 Strand DNA

  • Working with the Divine Blueprint - Individual & Planetary Gridwork

  • Reading material

  • Audio tapes

  • Energy work

  • Training in clearing energy patterns

  • Theory

  • Essays

  • Thesis

  • Advanced study of Clairsentient Intuition

  • Advanced study of Clairaudience

  • Clairvoyance / Mediumship

  • Developing Third Eye

  • Tutorials

  • Projects

  • Art Therapy

  • Drama Therapy

** During the duration of the course there will be significant practical hands on experience in Counselling Skills

Journal to be kept throughout the course. This must be logged daily and include feelings, also dreams if any etc.

Case Studies. A minimum of 6 Clients. It is recommended by week six each participant would have 2 clients. Clients must commit to six sessions and must write a letter at the end to confirm that they were present for counselling. This is an essential part of your training and self-development.

A Counselling exam will take place at the end of the course. Throughout the course there will be ongoing assessment.

All homework assignments must be handed in on time.

The 5 weekend workshops will be on Transpersonal Therapy, Reality Therapy, Non-Directive Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy, Rebirthing Techniques and Sacred Body Breath Techniques.

These weekends are very intensive.

Thomas Jordan’s Transpersonal Counselling Institute has set up a points system to ensure that 500 hours in the following areas are to be covered.

(1) Self-Development

(2) Practical experience

(3) Theory

(4) Service

A participant can acquire these hours by completing facilitation of 500 hours on courses or workshops before during or after the degree or the equivalent.

Furthermore on completion of the 36 week course there is an additional 6 month period of assessment and support. The students for this period must attend once a fortnight for the first 3 months and once a month thereafter. This is mandatory for all in order to receive full qualification.

* There is an additional fee for these nights (€ per night) and any additional workshops that may be required.

During this period of development you will have to take full responsibility for yourself, your actions, motives etc. When counselling you must always adhere to the Code of Ethics outlined by the Institute, contact tommyjordan8@eircom.net Read it carefully. When dealing with clients you will need to observe the standards of Professionalism outlined by the Institute, contact tommyjordan8@eircom.net Confidentiality at all times is an absolute.


This course has been designed by Thomas Jordan, Mentor. The evenings and weekends are facilitated by facilitators / counsellors who are overseen by Mr. Jordan. We work together to oversee the continuity and support for each Student Lightworker for World Service.


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