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This course is designed to increase the level of awareness of each individual’s spiritual gifts. The psychological emphasis will be on self-empowerment through taking personal responsibility. A combination of psychological and spiritual sessions will be combined to encourage the integration of the individual’s emerging spirituality with a healthy psychology.

Duration 22 weeks with 4 weekend workshops.

This course will consist of a number of evening classes and weekend workshops.

Each workshop will be handled by qualified facilitators/counsellors. The course will be primarily experiential and will demand commitment from those who wish to participate.

Unlike the Intermediate Course, which is designed to begin the awakening of spiritual awareness, this course facilitates a deeper understanding and attitude to self and others and furthering the development of spiritual awareness. Since individuals differ in their particular gifts, not all participants should expect to become hands on healers. This does not mean that some people are better or worse than others, but rather that there are other methods of healing which might be more suitable.

The purpose of this course is to empower people and make radical changes in their lives and careers so that they can get on with their lives and be free, happy and content.

It has been proven that when participants are brought through these changes, the aura that is energy and chakra systems go through a more profound and lasting change. When this intensity is brought to a certain level of consciousness it opens the chakra system and allows it to release deep-seated blockages. New energy comes in and brings a heightened awareness, perception and understanding along with a better acceptance of one’s self and others.

Course contents:

  • Meditations

  • Guided Visualisations

  • Aura-Perceiving

  • Chakras Exercises and Development

  • Chakras clearing

  • Spiritual Initiations to clear blockages & raise consciousness

  • Body Symbology

  • Bio – Energetics

  • Regression

  • Introduction to Spiritual Guidance Channelling

  • Healing the Inner Child

  • Introduction to Transpersonal Therapy

  • Group discussions involving introspection

  • Life Experiences

  • Hidden Agendas

  • Anger Management

  • Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Dysfunctional Family Patterns / Learnt Patterns

  • Rational and irrational Fears

  • Addictions

  • Weekly Essays

  • Projects – Drama, Art and Sound

During the course we have four weekend workshops:

  1. Co - Dependency -Discussion and interaction on the topics of relationships, sexuality and addictions.

  1. Sacred Body Breath Work -Bringing one into the power of the breath to release old unwanted emotions and unfold hidden creativity.

  1. Transpersonal Therapy -Dealing with the present to mend issues of the past.

  1. Inner Child – Deep releasing.

All courses in the Institute are based on self-development and this one is a very intense course and would be participants need to be aware that not all applications will be accepted because of the intensity and depth of regression.


This course has been designed and structured by Tommy Jordan, Director - Mentor. The evenings and weekends are facilitated by Counsellors and Facilitators who are overseen by Tommy. We work together to oversee the continuity and support for each Student - Light worker for World Service.


As you begin this course a number of issues need to be brought to your attention in order for you to obtain the maximum benefit. This course is a step on the path to a more profound spiritual awareness. The essence of this awareness is Service and care for the Spiritual well being of yourself and through that of others. You may be privileged to experience other people developing in their own right and through that you may learn to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. Remember always that it is a

privilege and that a person’s boundaries and confidences should be respected

above all else.

Whether you are on this Course purely for self-development or to develop and train as a

healer / transpersonal counselor you must remember that the object of the Course is to develop you first.

Book List

Hands of Light

by Barbara Ann Brennan

ISBN 0-553-05303-7

Recommended Reading

Seat of the Soul

by Gary Zukav.

ISBN 0-671-25383-2

The Road Less Travelled

by Dr M. Scott Peck

ISBN 0-09-972740-4


The Chakra Handbook

by Shalita Sharamon & Bodo Baginski

ISBN 0-94 1 524-85-X

Light Emerging

by Barbara Ann Brennan

ISBN 0-553-35456-6

The Grand Design (1 - 4)

by Patrick Francis

No. 1

ISBN 0 9525509 0 3

No. 2

ISBN 0 9525509 11

No. 3

ISBN 0 9525509 2 X

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